Now if he only had teammates! The powers that be in the Colorado Rockies organization have traded, swaped, or gave away most of the team. I know, I know, this IS a business.......but F#&k!!!!! This only makes me have to learn all the new players names. I have to suck it up and say good bye to Huston Street, Jason Hammel, Aaron Cook, Chris Ianetta, Seth Smith, Ian Stewart, Ty Wigginton, Ryan Spilborgh, Matt Linstrom, and probably a couple of others I can't remember right now. ROOT Sports is also taking the Rockies post game show in a different direction which led to the release of Tom Helmer and is a total bummer. When am I ever going to be able to wear my "Helmer is my Homeboy" shirt now? Rockies fans have even organized a Save Tom Helmer ralley.

Alanna Rizzo has had much better luck with an awesome new job at the MLB Network. Congratulations to her and where can I apply for her job?

So I want to show you my recent "brush with greatness" and to also say..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!

 These pictures are from a couple of weekends ago at Rockies Fest 2012.

Me in the dugout about to call the bullpen!

So pack it up boys........It's time for Spring Training!!!!



Okay.......it's been like forever huh? Some changes have taken place in my life. I haven't been here much lately. I miss all my blogging buddy's. The Rockies are trading my team  away. Chris Ianetta.....gone. Huston Street.......gone. Ian Stewart........gone. Ty Wiggington.......gone. Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales.......still in Denver. (That's because of their multi-million dollar contracts)  How are they suppose to win championships? They should have traded Rockies fans to New York. That way we could see how a real baseball team operates! OOPS! Did I just say that?
So I've become quite the Tim Tebow fan instead! How could I not? He's all anyone here in Denver talks about! He's all anyone anywhere is talking about, for that matter. I find myself yelling at the TV during the last few minutes of Bronco games lately! All of the Tim Tebow haters out there.........."STOP! YOU'RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES"
Call it what you like.
"Miracle at Mile High"
"Divine Intervention"
Who gives a shit!!!! Tim Tebow's so cute I just want to squeeze him! Besides that, he believes and the Bronco's are "WINNING"


I Mean It This Time.......Really

Okay so my last post......ahem.....a few weeks ago, probably convinced most of you that my funk was gone and my MOJO was back. Well....that is true. But with a better computer and baseball season in full swing....pun intended....I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!! Besides I have a ton of things to say about the Rockies this year and a few new cards to show off too and maybe a little trade bait to throw out there.

First of all let me tell you all a little bit of what I've been up to.
Went to the Rockies/Giants game, Rockies lost but saw Buster from behind

Of course that's Tulo

and "fear the beard" Brian Wilson. I know these pictures aren't the best because I forgot my camera and the Blackberry doesn't have zoom. (I wonder if there's an app for that?)

For the record, the beard is becoming quite disgusting if you ask me.

I  adopted a cat named Lilly

was able to catch a rare picture of Bin Ladin's last dogfight with the US Military 

spent $100.00 on a pair of jeans.......YIKES! But my ass looks fabulous!

saw somebody's ass at the Sunset Grille

and have been planning for my daughter's wedding in July. Yep that's the rock she got!

Now for some cardboard

I picked up a bunch of football cards and will trade if anyone is interested

Tim Toone because he's a friend of my daughters

a couple of popular rookies

I bought a pack at the dollar store last week and pulled a Rockies auto! And it was actually just $1.00!

picked up some Bowman Sterling at Mike's

David Wright.....AKA LongFlyBall sent me another Tulo auto and a grip of McGwire's for my collections! THANKS David!

another Posey for my growing collection

Well I think that's enough for now. Anyone interested in a trade just let me know.
Stay tuned for more pictures from Coors Field. I'll be going to the Rockies/Cardinals game on the 28th. I hope to see McGwire again and get pictures of King Albert and of course former Rockie Hottie Holliday.

Come on guys let's see some comments! I miss you all!.


The Funk is Gone! The Middle Child is Back!

I would like to make an announcement please! The 'FUNK' had been officially eradicated from "the middle child". I found my MoJo too!
Spring Training is well underway in Scottsdale and the Rockies are loving the new facility. Salt River Stadium at Talking Stick is impressive to say the least. 

During the exhibition game yesterday with the D-Backs, viewers of FSN TV were treated to tours of the facility during the game.
The Rockies have a great chance of making the playoffs this year if they can only keep things like this from happening.

I'm reading online today that Ian Stewart and Carlos Gonzalez where both injured in this collision yesterday. They will be out for 5-6 days with sprains and bruises.

Jim Tracy is healthy and hopes to stay that way after his cardiac scare in Florida a couple of months ago.

Sports fans in Denver are soooo over the Nuggets and the "MELO" drama. La-La can now have her television reality show on VH1 and Carmello can eat up all the attention he has gotten over the trade. Sorry Chancey! Denver loves you and your family and we all know you really didn't want to go, but I think a trade was inevitable. Like 14 million dollars next year inevitable? I don't know......I could be wrong about the numbers.
Then there's the ahem......Broncos. I say let that cootie pa-tootie Tim Tebow play! I hear he's pretty good.

We won't go into too much detail about how the Avalanche traded their keeper-of-the-goal, Anderson for another masked player, who shall remain nameless, and in his first game gives up 5 goals to the Oilers. Enough said.

I say BRING ON THE REAL FACES OF DENVER SPORTS! BRING ON THE BOYS OF SUMMER! I'm so excited about this season I might just pee my pants.

I've gotten a few new cards and some trade bait while in that FUNK state of mind I was in. But stay tuned.....I'm still having computer issues and I think I'm about to crash!!! I will post the bait pictures soon!

I missed you all!!



Just a quick note to all my blogging peeps and friends I have made here. I MISS ALL OF YOU! I have spent the last month moving and getting settled. I still need a new computer and I am working on that now! While I have been gone, I have turned to the "football" side of collecting sports cards.......but only a tiny little bit!!! I'm dying for baseball season to start! Is it April yet? I have also dabbled in a little basketball.....but just going to a game or two. Yep had 5th row court side tickets last weekend when the Lakers came to Denver and beat the Nuggets! Saw my favorite Colorado Rockies players there TULO and GIAMBI! I had a hard time getting close enough to them as they were center court, to take a stalker type picture, but as you can see from this Getty Image that was posted on The Purple Row (the best blog dedicated to reporting on the Rockies)....TULO was wearing a non-obvious turquoise beanie.

 So here's my photo I snapped of TULO as I was outside after the game. As you can see there's the non-obvious turquoise beanie so that proves this really was The New Face of Denver Sports Troy Tulowitzki. My brush with greatness!

Now I know what you're all thinking......it's sort of like those infamous "Sasquach" pictures. No one has ever really gotten a good picture....but we all know it's him!!

But look who was sitting right in front of me! Dexter Fowler! Now I did feel a bit like a stalker taking these pictures! This was super cute as Al Harrington's little girl was coloring in the seat by Dexter and Dexter was rubbing her ear....ahh!

oh yeah here's a basketball shot too.

Talk to you all soon I hope!!


Who's That With The Sad Face?

There's nothing like computer issues to ruin all my fun! AAAHHHH!
This is my sad situation for the time being.......
Stupid computers......

Hopefully it won't be for long.............

Maybe this will help for the time being.

I hope to be back here soon!
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