Famous People Who Have Had Mental Illness

Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-1890)
The gifted Dutch Post-Impressionist artist, Vincent van Gogh, had his life shattered by mental illness. Vincent van Gogh suffered from Bipolar I Disorder at a time in history when there was no treatment for this common disorder. Tragically, van Gogh died of suicide.

Hans Christian Anderson,
Ludwig Von Beethoven,
Winston Churchill,
Kurt Cobain,
Charles Darwin,
Emily Dickinson,
Thomas Edison,
F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Betty Ford,
Paul Gauguin,
King George III,
Johan Goethe,
Ernest Hemingway,
Victor Hugo,
Ignatius of Loyola,
Thomas Jefferson,
John Keats,
Abraham Lincoln,
Martin Luther,
Florence Nightingale,
King Saul,
Robert Louis Stevenson,
Sir Isaac Newton.

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