Quit crying double-standard over Phelps

FINALLY!!! Someone who knows what they are talking about! I give the edgy Foxnews Sports columnist James Whitlock a ginormous thumbs up for this article! I'll get it started.......but you definitely have to finish this read!

There is no bigger fan of racial double-standards than yours truly. But those of you looking for one inside Michael Phelps' bong are misguided, stuck in the 1960s and worship at the Church of Al Sharp-tongue.
Don't send me any more e-mails complaining that if Phelps were black, he'd be dropped by his sponsors, locked in a cell next to O.J. Simpson and banned from all international competition.
If Phelps had dark skin and answered to "Jerome Washington," he'd be headed to Disney World, toting the Super Bowl MVP trophy he stole from James Harrison and Big Ben Roethlisberger.

Read the rest here.

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