Mom and Caitlyn had to make the difficult decision to put Lacey to sleep today. She lived a good life. She came to our family a young and energetic puppy who had "escaped" from her foster family in Idaho Falls. I think she just wanted to play with all the kids in the neighborhood.
Caitlyn and Tyler begged their grandpa to let them adopt her and the rest is history.

When the kids grew up and moved out of the house, Lacey became Dads best friend. He retired early and spent a lot of time at home. Lacey went everywhere with Dad and the time spent with him proved valuable as Lacey became a well trained and very special dog.

Mom started a new job that took her and Lacey to Salt Lake City. Dad is working again mostly in Wyoming. Lacey became a great companion for Mom, and loyal running partner for Kelvin and was always ready to ride in the truck with Dad when he was home.

Lacey had a good life with our family and I think cancer finally got the best of her. Mom and Caitlyn got to spend some time with her in the end.....I think Lacey was telling them she was ready to say goodbye and that she will be waiting for us all.

LACEY HAS THE ULTIMATE GIG NOW!! She running in Heaven and we know she'll never feel pain again!

RIP Lacey/7-6-2009
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