Hardest Hockey Shot Ever!!!!

Here's a short clip from The Samsung Mobile Explorers. Watch these hockey players as they prepare for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Experience the unexpected.


Funny and Unusual Findings in Hawaii

I saw this and had to take a picture. I was glad they were concerned about our safety and didn't want anyone to slip on the wet floor! This was taken at The Valley of The Temples.

A blue stop sign?

The Police are always ready to pose for a picture!

Crawford Convalescent Home

My recent trip to Hawaii was the usual tropical adventure full of site seeing, shopping and food. We had spent the day at Turtle Bay and were looking for somewhere to have lunch, when literally from the corner of my eye I spotted the beautiful ruins of a building that was tucked back off the Kamehameha Highway. We turned around so I could take pictures. It is located next to The Crawford Convalescent Home on the North Sore of Oahu. The building was once a home for wayward boys and has since been affected by a fire in 2002. In all honesty, I have to say, this was one of the most beautiful things I saw on the island. Buildings like this give me a peaceful feeling. I love old abandoned structures and urban decay. My ultimate dream is to one day be able to cross the country and see some of the old hospitals and asylums left standing.

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