Look Mom I'm In The Big Leagues Now!

I started collecting baseball cards in the 90's with my son and became sort of obsessed. I've thousands of commons stashed away in boxes and the top cards are kept in plastic card protectors and have been alphabetized and organized into binders. I've come across some that are funny and quite unique. These are just a few of my favorites. The photos I took are not the best quality but I still hope you enjoy! Look for me to post more soon.

I wonder what these players are looking at?

  Here are some of what I call "My Bubble Blowers"


We could call these "The High Steppers"



Here's a group of......um.....what do I call them....... "Fairies?"



How about those hats!

I'm not real familiar with some baseball card collectors and the trading they do, but I think there is something about having a Bip Roberts card. If anyone out there is reading this and knows what I'm talking about please fill me in on the whole "Bip" thing. I would really like to know! Thanks!
Now for my favorite most hilarious MLB baseball card........


Can you imagine hitting the big time and telling all your family and friends that you finally had your own baseball card and this is what it looked like? 

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