"Forgive me Father for I have moved on. It has been 3 months since my last obsession"

That's usually how long I'll obsess on something before obsessing on something else. My life consists of three or four repeat obsessions. I think I spend more time with "My Baseball Card Collection Obsession" then the others. 

My drawings don't seem to get as much "obsession time" as the cards do.
I like to draw old school tattoo inspired art from pictures I find.

skeleton key

Major League.....of course

If I could keep focused long enough to create original ideas, maybe I would give this more "obsession time". My "FrankenArt" gets the most "obsession time" of my drawing obsession. Even though they are still inspired by pictures I find and not my own idea.

It's really hard to try and explain the whole addiction/obsession with baseball cards "thing" to a non collector. From collecting the greatest players of the game

to collecting the new stars of the game

an obsession for baseball cards doesn't need to be explained between people who love collecting them.

I know that I'm not alone with my addiction/obsession. I wonder if they have a baseball card collector/addict 12 step program? But then again.....I don't think I want help.  
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