Cardboard Anonymous

Hi....I'm Shellie and I am addicted to cardboard. My cardboard of choice is of the baseball kind.
I will collect during the day and I will even collect at night. I've collected cardboard everyday for the past 10 years now.
I've been known to spend every last dime I have on cardboard.
My days consists of obsessing over my next baseball card purchase.
I often find myself endlessly searching for a parking spot at Wal-mart or Target just so I can have another fix.
One night I found myself in a shady motel room playing Indian Poker with other cardboard junkies. We all had cards stuck to our foreheads and didn't even care what we were trading away.
I new I hit rock bottom when I was willing to trade anything for a 1995 Pinnacle Manny Ramirez SM.
This is when I realized I probably need help.
DISCLAIMER: The views and comments made here were made in a cardboard induced state of mind.
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  1. Welcome Shellie! Glad to have you!

  2. Welcome to this great world of ours!!!

  3. Sooz gave your blog a shoutout. Welcome! :)

  4. My name is Tim and I am a card addict....well at least a quarter of the time. Welcome aboard and hopefully you can find that we're not all entirely crazy! ;-)


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