More from 2010 Topps Heritage

I recently bought two more boxes of Heritage, again. One box while on a recent trip out of town and one when I got back home. I wonder if location affects which players you"ll find in the packs.
This past year I moved to The Mile High City and it seems hard to find any Rockies players.
Anyway here's some of what I did find!

I got a little excited when I saw not one, but two Albert Pujols!!

Couldn't believe it, I found EY Jr.!!
A Colorado Rockie!!

Speaking of EY.... check out this link and watch some 2010 commercials the Rockies have done for FSN. The one with retired Rockies player Eric Young Sr. and his little baby boy Eric Young Jr. is funny. Todd Helton seems to be a little slow to jump on the Twitter Train and Dexter Fowler tries to explain in the one titled "Some Take A Little Longer To Catch On"
Now More Cards!

I'll post more later!
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  1. don't think I've ever seen someone so happy to pull a Rockie.



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