Where'd You Go, Bazooka Joe?

A box of 2010 Topps Opening Day for $9.99 at Target....(of course).... and here are some of those little gems. I've said it before....but can I say it again? I love buying baseball cards at Target!

I really like the effects of the red batting helmet that Matsui is wearing. Being a the woman that I am....I notice that kind of stuff.

And who doesn't love a little Lincecum? It's not gold, but blue is a good color

I'm not sure about this card, as I'm still slowly teaching myself and learning what to look for. So if anyone can help me out..... it doesn't seem to have a number and I can't locate it on Beckett, but it's pretty :)

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  1. The last card is a Topps Attax insert card that Topps is including in Opening Day this year.

    Attax is that card game that I don't know how to play, but that's OK, because Topps wants kids to play it, not grumpy adults like me, in hopes that kids will come back to the hobby in droves. And we all know how that's going to go.


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