Tucked Away with The Pogs

Is it the law of the universe that when a child moves out on their own, the parent ends up with boxes of their childhood collectibles?
Is it also the law of the universe that when the parent moves, the child ends up with some of their collectibles?
Let me explain. My son moved out on his own.....I ended up with a model car collection and a few Pogs, milk caps and slammers. Anyone familiar with Pogs?

My parents moved to another state when my dad retired and my mom accepted a new job position. I ended up with boxes of vinyl records from the good old days! Cream, Kenny Rogers and The Fifth Addition, Waylon and Willie, Soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, Carol King and Elton John. Just to name a few.
So what does this have to do with baseball cards? 
Nothing.......but I found these three forgotten cards tucked away with the Pogs.


  1. I was obsessed with pogs! I lived in Hawaii during their resurgence, so they were EVERYWHERE! The Haleakala Dairy pogs brought the memories rushing back! I'll have to dig them out of the closet... the next time I visit my parents.

  2. We were on vacation in Hawaii at the time pogs were popular so we came home with a bunch! Sounds to me like your parents ended up with your too!

  3. Oh, most definitely. But every time I make mention of trying to get them back, the wife immediately shoots it down. One of these days...

  4. Oh, I used to have TONS of Pogs! I even got one of those "Make your own" thingies form Toy R Us. Yeah, I was pretty hardcore...


  5. Wow that's some cool stuff right there. I was about 9 when Pogs reached their peak, so I definitely had some of those. And Pinnacle Mint! That brings back memories. I gotta find a box of that again someday.


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