2010 Upper Deck Supreme

Does anyone know anything about the 2010 Upper Deck Supreme? I can't find much information about this card as far a price goes. Beckett says pricing unavailable. That's another thing....why does Beckett online pricing guide do that with some cards? Why no price available?

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  1. Most of the time Beckett doesn't show a price if either:
    A) the product is too new,
    B) the product has not had much movement on the secondary market,
    C) the product is short printed with a lower production run than they can track, or
    D) they weren't given a free box from the manufacturer or said box that they were given yielded no case hits.

    As for the Supreme Insert Set...It is a 100 card set with Red, Blue and Green versions (think of Starquest). The Green and Blue are retail only and apparently the Red are going to be released later on. Green falls 1:8 packs, Blue is 1:27, and Red will be scarce at 1:200.

  2. Thanks! oh by the way....I have a 1997 Donruss Gold Press Proof Kevin Elster if you want it!


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