A Distant Look at Ubaldo Jimenez....Really....That's Him!

Ubaldo Jimenez...what more can anyone say? 

BIG KUDOS to the Night Owl for the only two Jimenez cards I have!
Anyone reading this...feel free to send more!!!!

The Rockies struggled against the Twins this past week and Jimenez saved at least one game of the series. He worked eight innings and allowed just one run to the Twins on Thursday. He struck out four and walked two. Just your average night for Jimenez, and his ERA drops from 1.16 to 1.15. He improves his record to 13-1, the best start by a pitcher since Roger Clemens went 14-0 to start 1986.
Ubaldo Jimenez has quickly become a favorite in the National League for the Cy Young Award.
His next schedule start will be Wednesday June 26th against the Red Sox at Coors Field.
I posted these before and I'm posting them again. I call them my 'BRUSH WITH GREATNESS' shots....laughing out loud.... because a 'brush' is as close to Ubaldo as I could get before the Rockies/Dodgers game a couple weeks ago. Rockies lost....but Jimenez didn't start either!

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