I Pay.....Beckett Still Sucks

Upper Deck made a group of cards in 1992 they called 'Teammates.' I've been trying to find more information about these cards, like how many there are in the set.....blah blah blah.....and I always tend to go toward Beckett.com for my information. Well, like always, Beckett's website is running EXTREMELY SLOW or I can't get on at all! I don't know why that is or if this is just something that happens to only me.... but it is very frustrating to say the least! Especially since I'm a paying customer!
Are there any other pricing guides or other online sites that allow you to organize and price a collection? 


  1. Beckett was slow for me earlier too, as I too go there for my information.

    Sometimes when Beckett is acting up I go to Checkoutmycards and kind of get an idea...but that's obviously not a full list of a collection, and it definitely doesn't let you organize them.

  2. Teammates was in 93 Upper Deck. 1992 had Bloodlines, with related players. I'd hate for you to look up the wrong set in and when you get through!

  3. Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated!

  4. tuffstuff.com I've never really checked it out myself, I just know it exists.

  5. it's been horrible lately... I wish I wasn't paying for it.


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