The Ultimate Slide

What does it take to perform the ultimate slide?

Run full speed toward the bag.

When you are approximately five feet away from the bag, tuck whichever leg you are most comfortable with under the other leg.

Your legs should create an upside down number four.

Slide into the bag with your outstretched leg, the first part of your body that touches the base and allows you to avoid the tag from the defensive player as well.

When attempting a pop-up slide use the same technique except when you get to the base, use the spikes of your outstretched leg to dig, stop, and effectively pop you up. This slide is most used in a steal situation where there is a throw; it gives the runner a jump to the next base if the ball is overthrown.
Avoid using the head first slide if you know there will be a collision of some kind.
You are more prone to shoulder and neck injuries with this slide in the event of a collision. Use this slide in steal situations when no collision is foreseeable.
Go into the head-first slide low and throw your arms out in front of you. You should actually be sliding on your forearms and lower stomach.
Your chest will be involved in the slide but should not be the impact area of the slide.
Practice these slides. Do not try to use them until you are comfortable with them and able to perform them without hesitation. 
The more you practice, the better you will get at sliding and the less likely you are to get injured.


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