Good News...Bad News

The good news: Ubaldo Jimenez made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The bad news: Ubaldo Jimenez made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Jimenez isn't known to be superstitious like Todd Helton is. Todd once shaved his goatee during a game to try and end a hitting slump. If there is even a slight amount of truth to the urban legend that being on the cover of Sports Illustrated can jinx an athletes career, then should Ubaldo be worried? 
The last time a Colorado Rockie was featured on the cover of SI was March 31, 2008. Troy Tulowitzki shared the front with Ryan Braun, Justin Upton, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz and Ryan Zimmerman. 
That was also the year Tulo injured his quadriceps muscle that ended the season for him after 101 games played.
Before that, on Oct. 15, 2007, Jeff Francis was featured on the cover. 
Francis started game one of the World Series against the Red Sox and  gave up 6 runs on 10 hits in just four innings. Then Jeff spent all of 2009 on the DL after needing shoulder surgery.

I ask again.....should Ubaldo be worried? Should he be throwing salt over his shoulder before the game tonight against the Giants? Maybe wear a little piece of garlic tied around his neck?

I'm not a Broncos fan but John Elway was on the cover of SI back in 1998 and they did win their second straight Super Bowl that year. 
Then in 1999 Shannon Sharpe graced the cover and they beat Atlanta in that Super Bowl. 
So maybe the curse doesn't count in football? 

Then recently Vail Colorado downhill skiing super star Lindsey Vonn was the covergirl. 
We all know the problems she had with her shin.

Stephen Strasburg was on the cover last month and he's still alive.......right?  

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  1. I wouldn't mind if SI brought Strasburg a little bit of bad luck today. :)


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