Some Stuff for $4.00 & Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me.....Fernando!

I swear I can't go anywhere without seeking some sort of cardboard for a quick fix. Does the urge ever end? Here's a few randoms I got for $4.00

Little Wally....how cute!

Love a me some Concepcion! Actually I just like saying it!

I think I'll send this one along with a 2010 A&G mini Pedroia to Adam at Thoughts and Sox.
Somehow I think he might want them. If you're reading this Adam....watch your mail!

Bazooka Rickey! He's so young here!

That's a nice one of Wade's Bogg!!

This might go to The Troll!

Can you see the similarities?

And Finally.....Don't roll your eyes at me....Fernando!

Look! he did it again!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to your package. Hopefully the one I sent has made it to you. I could use that Paw Sox card.

    That is a good card of Boggs cause I don't have it but a horrible photo.


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