A Taste of My $25 Deal

So there are a ton of cards to be sorted through and I can't wait! (I should really get a social life) anywoo.... here's some pictures of my score. I will be posting individual pictures too here soon. 
I also ended up with a bunch of hockey, basketball and football cards. I really only collect baseball cards, so if anyone wants to work out a trade deal for them let me know. I'll even look for your favorite players if you want me to! What a deal...huh?

Some of the older cards are not in the best of shape.

Here's a few pics of the pogs my and son and I started to collect about 15 years ago. 

 He's 26 now.....you do the math for those who are curious on how old I might be. Actually I was 12 when I had him........long pause.......I'M ONLY KIDDING!!! (18) Just checking to see who's paying attention.

Here's a pile of hockey, basketball and football cards.

There's many more too!


  1. I love these kinds of posts. Reminds me why I got started doing this in the first place.

    Sent you an email in regards too.

  2. You had me at "pogs." Cool stuff!

  3. That is one big pile of fun there!

    Hey, dropped you a line a week ago about a trade; did you get it?


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