Was There Ever Pujols Mania?

I started collecting baseball cards in the 1990's and sort of stopped from about 2000 until about 2008. Recently my obsession has picked up again to where I started blogging about my collections and I've actually become excited to go to Wal-Mart!
Before moving to Denver a year or so ago, I lived in a small town where there was nothing but the ADX Supermax Federal Prison and Wal-Mart so you can imagine the Wal-mart "love" is just not there for me. Besides have any of you seen checked out this website?
Anyway....my question is....when Albert Pujols was a rookie in 2001, was there Pujols Mania? Did collectors go wild over his rookie card like some have over Stephen Strasburg's rookie card?
My Pujols RC is still worth more then my Strasburg RC. (according to Beckett)

I think I'll hang on to both of them.

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  1. Ha, I love checking out PofW, so funny....lol. I don't remember if there was Pujols mania or not, but I don't recall any player, at least in my lifetime causing as much excitement in the hobby as Strasburg has.


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