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I've got two trades on the way.....in the mail per say.....and I'm so excited I have to post about them NOW! I received an e-mail from Joe at The Priceless Pursuit after I did a post about my first box of 2010 A&G's. Of course I pulled a relic and was excited....but I really don't even know who Jeff Samardzija is let alone how to pronounce his name.  Sorry, I didn't mean to offend any Samardzija fans. 
Joe offered a Helton Jersey in swap for this card. I had to check out his website, of course, and spotted this Tulo and asked for it instead.
 No time wasted there! I put the relic in the mail and I'm just waiting for this!

Then when Wicked put up trade bait I spotted the Troy Tulowitzki Auto and thought I probably needed start begging! I looked over his guys and saw he collects Hanley and Uggla.....hum.
I offered a couple of cards, (by the way....one of those cards up for this trade is one of my favorite pulls EVER), and Wicked had no problem telling me the Tulo was all mine! 
I'll let him do a write up about the trade to show his cards if he wants to. I'd hate to take away all his fun!
Thanks Joe and Wicked for helping my Tulowitzki collection grow! And also for not making me beg!!
Stay tuned for the post about my first Troy Tulowitzki autographed card ever!

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