Bought a Box of 2010 Topps 206 Today

I was in Target today and spotted boxes of 2010 Topps 206. I've been in a funk lately so I thought if I bought a box for $19.99, it might help the funk go away. The box has 8 packs of 6 cards, that breaks down to 4 base cards, a gold card, and a mini in each pack. One Auto Relic too. I was sort of disappointed that some of the minis are off center. You'll see in the pictures below. Also I noticed all players didn't have hats on and if they did wear a hat, the card that pictured them with a hat does not have a number. Take a look.

Pack #1

Pack #2

Lyle Lovette look alike!

Pack #3

Pack #4

Pack #5

Pack #6

Pack #7

Pack #8


  1. Thanks for posting these scans. I'm really not digging the cap-less look, so now I know to stay away.

  2. That hatless thing is the weirdest concept I've seen in awhile. And I was one of the relatively few card bloggers that were collecting in the '90s! :P

    But seriously though, that was an excellent blaster. Posey rookie parallel and an Adam Jones auto is a pretty decent hit, methinks. They look better than last year's iteration too, hatlessness aside.

    Oh, and I found the Huston Street autograph, so I'm about ready to send you a whole mess o' cards. Email me your address & I'll get em out to ya when I have money again.

  3. That sucks about the minis being miscut. Really good eye on the parallels not having hats. Looks like you got a few Rockies though so that's good.

  4. You got my Rangers bronze parallels!!! Nice luck, pulling an auto from a blaster.

  5. I am really liking the Adam Jones Autograph card. If it is for trade, let me know, I'm sure I can dig up something Rockies for you.

  6. I'm not liking the cap less look either. Looks like they are posing for high school year book pictures.

  7. Hey, if you are interested in trading some of those cards (like the Drew Stubbs, Michael Bourn, Barry Zito, Jeff Francouer, and Carlos Lee) let me know. I've got a BUNCH of Rockies cards from group breaks I can send your way. Send me an email if you are interested.


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