Bye Bye Manny!

So I went to the Rockies Dodgers game today. Had great seats but it was really hot! Rockies won two of the three game series. I probably witnessed the last time Manny Ramariz will ever wear a Dodgers uniform. He came up to pinch hit with the bases loaded and after the first pitch decided to argue with the umpire and was ejected from the game! You can watch it here since I was in the ladies room at the time!! Can you believe it? I missed the best part of the game! Bye Bye Manny! Here's some pictures of today's festivities!

Ubaldo Jimenez

Esmil Rogers

Jason Hammel

Todd Helton and Troy Tulowitzki and Dexter Fowler

Todd Helton Eric Young Jr.

Matt Kemp

Joe Beimel

James Loney

Huston Street

Andre Ethier

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  1. I can't believe you missed it! Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the game.


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