Chipper Down But Not Out

This is a picture of the first "cool" baseball card I pulled from a pack of cards I bought at 7-Eleven in 1998. Remember when they sold cards at convenient stores?

I didn't know anything about collecting baseball cards then. All I knew was I had to buy more packs when I could and I had to look for some guy named Chipper.

I watched the news conference with Jones speaking to the media and sports reporters about the plans for surgery to repair a torn ACL after the injury he suffered Thursday. He talked about planning to rehab and returning for Spring Training next year. 

Although these words came right from Larry 'Chipper' Jones mouth, the news is still speculating and reporting this is the end of Chipper Jones.

After a miserable start to the season, Chipper stated he felt his overall confidence had improved due to the fact he was playing and hitting better and he also felt his range had much improved.

He said he knew he had more to give to the game and he didn't want this picture to be the last imagine people had of him.

Jones said that when the time to retire came he wanted to be able to walk off the field and tip his hat to the fans. 

I look at it like this, if Chipper Jones was nearing the end of his career, his range would not have been so awesome to make one of the best plays he's made in a long time. Then there might not have been and injury......right? 

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