Okay.....I'm an obsessed collector but still fairly new to the trading thing! I have made some successful trades within the past couple of months. I'm also one of the only Rockies collectors too. With that said.....(and the fact that I am new trade bait HA! HA!) I have had quite a few emails inquiring trades. So this is my humble request for help and maybe some advice for certain situations. 
Here it goes....how do you all stay organized? What do you do if you send but don't receive? Chalk it up to lesson learned? What is proper 'trade etiquette' then? Who determines the value of a trade and does that really matter to a true collector? 
I think I understand the "bipping" thing, but when is that appropriate? Is that an insult or just plain funny?

Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing my tail!

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Any and all advice for trading baseball cards is very much welcomed!!!


  1. I send out cards to others without the expectation of something exactly equal in return. I try to send cards that I know the other person will enjoy and they can send what they like back. In 99 percent of the cases, they will send something equal back or something much more generous. Collectors -- at least the ones who blog -- are very generous.

    I've only experienced 1 or 2 times when I didn't receive anything back. It bothered me a little, but then I chalked it up to the fact that may have simply forgotten. I've probably forgotten to send a return package just because life is very busy and trading with many people at once gets confusing.

  2. thanks Owl! I forgot to send a package recently and it is getting confusing on who I've already traded with! I enjoy sending cards more then receiving most times. Everyone I've connected with has been awesome! I hope the post didn't make me sounds ungrateful...that wasn't my intention :)

  3. I've been stiffed on trades only twice. They were both done at the same time and one was from a very prestigious blogger known for his trading, so it may have even been something with the mail for them both to be like that. I just took my hits and kept going. I've traded with the latter since, so no big deal.

    I've always determined value as an "eye of the beholder" type thing. I've traded bat, jersey and even an auto card for only a handful of Piazza or Mets base. It's all what I have a use for and what I don't in my personal collections. I'm not looking through trade bait posts and sending trade emails with a Beckett in hand, because book value really means nothing to me or 99% of the other collectors here (although we've all dealt with the "Well, what you offered is BV at $__ and what I have is $__" before). Not to say I'll let a 1/1 I'm trading get away without a fight, but it's all about what fits into my collection and how it fits into theirs as well.

    Hopefully that helped.

  4. Also, I tend to trade in bunches so I keep a list of who I'm expecting from and who I still need to send to. Like right now I owe "Middle Child- Gaggle of Chippers".

    I have the short term memory of a 3 year old though, so just my little trick...



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