If These Cards Could Talk and Why Are Their Heads So Big?

Does this swing make me look short?

Yeah! I was MVP of my tee-ball team!

ugg.....ugg....me caveman....me play baseball....

Dude! your "M" is like butter!

I'll poke your eye out!
I'll pull your hair!

oh....that's not good!

These next cards are great!  Here are some 1990 Score All-Stars:

Jose was once the highest paid player in baseball. 

Barry was once considered the best all-around shortstop in the NL.

Sandy was the only rookie starter in the 1990 All-Star game.

Bobby became the most productive stopper in baseball history in 1990.

Cecil signed with the Tigers after hitting 38 home runs in Japan in 1989.

Bobby was one of the premier run producers in the game in 1990.

Will was one of the games greatest clutch hitters.

Wade was one of the best two-strike hitters in the game.

Rickey is the greatest leadoff man ever.

No wonder their heads are all so BIG!

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