Rockies Cubs Cargo and Mound Ball

Following an afternoon BBQing and relaxing at Dr. Z's house in Denver Colorado.....we all drove, rode the light rail, or carpooled to the Rockies vs. Cubs game Saturday night. 'We' being the gang from the surgery center where I work.....and 'Dr. Z' being one of the ophthalmologists I work for. We all met up and got to our seats about the second inning. I would have rather gone a couple of hours earlier to watch batting practice and try a snag an auto....but the people I work with have no idea of the extent of my obsession. It's just too hard and exhausting to try and explain to non-collectors. Beside I can save that for all of you!!
I was able to snag a picture.....although you can't really tell....but it is Huston Street getting ready for the close! 

Huston is okay, after suffering an abdominal contusion (or just a really big boo-boo) from a line drive during batting practice last week. I did a post when it happened and I'll admit that I was a little worried about the cutie pie when the news reported that he passed out three or four times on the way to the hospital because the pain was so intense. Come to find out Street has been know to "faint" during certain situations.....but I'm sure it really hurt and he's still a cutie pie! Rockies fans are happy he's okay!

The real winner of Saturday's game was, of course, CARGO! 

Carlos Gonzalez! He hit for the cycle and the home run was the walk off to win the game for the mighty ROX! Carlos was named NL Player of the Week and you should check out the rest of the story here or here.

Last but not least.....I won 30 bucks on mound ball then climbed on the drunk train (light rail) and still made it home in time to see the sports report. 
By the way.....I only had two beers at the game.....it was everyone else on the train that was drunk!

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