Baseball Surfboards and Erkel

I've always said that the best part of collecting cardboard, for me, is looking for funny and unusual cards. 

These first two cards speak for themselves.

There's nothing like a baseball player and his surfboard.

Well......you can see what's going on here in these next three cards.

What it a requirement to play with the Royals?

I hope these two didn't actually try this!

I know it's just a warm up thing....right?

Back up off it and set your cup down fellas!

Thanks Snoop for the reference!
(Gin and Juice)

"Okay dude, go like this......now stick your tongue out farther.....farther......farther"

(Swisher convincing Damon that chicks dig that kind of shit)

I always wondered what ever happened to Frank Thomas! Apparently he's a big movie star in Japan!

So whoever can get the most milk out of this cow, doesn't have to wash Giambi's gold thong!





Got Wood?

 A now pitching for the Phillies.......Erkel!

Sorry Chuck.....just sayin

And last but not least 'AGAIN' my all time favorite funny baseball card..........drum roll PALEEEESE.......

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  1. Good times...and funny cardboard. That Chris Gwynn card is a bit disturbing though.


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