Boys and Their Bats

Probably one of my favorite things about collecting cardboard is looking for unique and unusual cards. I sent cards of players bunting to Long Fly Ball to Because........ and now I can't stop looking for them! Here's a few I've found.

I love the one above! Roberto with the fishes!

Some players just have to have the biggest bat. I say Tony is the winner.

Here's cards with broken bats. I think these are the best pictures and one of the luckiest shots in baseball.

These next cards are not about players and their bats. These are pitchers and their balls. It seems some of them really want you to look at their balls even if you don't too.

Some pitchers show their balls but don't really care if you're looking at them or not. Like these below.

Then there are players are just happy to show anyone their balls.

Looking for cards with players holding more then one bat was inspired by the blog 'It's like having my own Card Shop'.

These last cards are just plain funny! I think I'll start a "WTF'"collection! I have an idea!!! If any of you reading this find a card that makes you think......"WTF"......send it to me!!

Ladka? I just realized I've done a post on Sammy Stewart before!  LOOK!
And by the way........Tulo just hit a three run BOMB and it's a one run ball game kids!!

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  1. Great post! I just started collecting cards with American flags somewhere in or on the card. I will keep an eye out foe WTF cards now too.


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