A Gold Thong and a Walk Off.....Whatever Works!

The Rockies won again today. That's 10 in a row. What a game it was too! You have to love the excitement of walk-off home runs! The Gi-am-bino delivered exactly what was asked of him. Here's a picture of him after the game today.

I know it's just the big screen, but non the less, it was exciting! 
When I saw a sparkle of gold through the backside of Giambi's white pinstriped pants, that's when I knew he was going to hit a home run!!
Gold thong? Maybe..................whatever works for Jason, works for us!

There's Little Pony! Cargo for MVP!

Dinger for MVM! (most valuable mascot)


  1. I once saw Giambi hit a walk-off at Yankee Stadium. One of the best games I ever saw in person.


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