Note to Self: Battery's Go INSIDE the Camera

 I became a little frustrated with my camera the other day. I didn't know what I was going to do. How am I going to post pictures of cards? I don't have a scanner and honestly I don't think I would know what to do with one if I had did. I've always just taken pictures on my trusty little Sony Cybershot and been relatively successful uploading them on my laptop. 
Now this is coming from someone who not too long ago just learned how to cut and paste so as you can imagine this uploading pictures thing has been quite revolutionary for me! So trouble shooting my way through my camera crisis I thought maybe it needed new battery's.
Well I just bought some. They were brand new! Lithium even! 
Hopelessness set in and I even mailed off my "Dear Santa" letter early and begged for a new camera.

The fact that new lithium battery's might work better if they are actually inside the camera......NEVER crossed my mind!

Anyhoo.....a few highlights of my recent 2010 Topps Chrome Hobby Box I bought. 
Here's two Auto's pulled.

McCoy was actually claimed from the Rockies. In 2009 he played seven positions (including pitcher, retiring all three batters he faced) for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. He also had a .405 on-base percentage. I hope the Rockies don't regret that move!

You can really see the infamous 'WARPAGE' the chrome cards produce.

  I picked up a rack pack at Wal-Mart. The orange refractors are exclusive in rack packs only. 

I sent my 24 Topps Chrome Hobby Box Wrappers in for their Wrapper Redemption Program. I'll let you all know how long it takes to receive my free cards from them!


  1. I still haven't seen any Rangers orange refractors. I had no clue how to use a scanner when I first got mine, and it was super easy and makes for great images for your posts. It's worth the money in my opinion. However, I'll be reading no matter how you post.

  2. I started off using a digital camera as well, but scanners are so much easier and cheaper. (No batteries to worry about, certainly.)


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