The Price is Wrong BI-ATCH!!

If you read my post on the 10-19-2010 you'll see prices I found listed on COMC for some of the 2010 Topps Chrome cards I have. If you haven't read it scroll down or click here. Now today is the 10-21-2010 if I'm not mistaken, and my "stupid question of the day" is "What's up with the pricing of new releases and why have these prices dramatically changed within just two days?"
I've been told that a true collector doesn't really care too much about a cards listed price. I'm not totally convinced on that though. But how stupid do I look now?
But before some of you try and pull the Adam Sandler/Bob Barker/Happy Gilmore stunt, let me just defend myself! When I typed up that post on 10-19-2010, the prices I listed WERE the prices listed on COMC that day! If you don't believe me.....talk to Bob! Actually I don't think anyone who might read this would challenge that! You've all been very helpful and kind to me and my little blog here. I just really wanted to say...."The Price Is Wrong Bitch"! just because it makes me laugh!
Thank you to my virtual friends and fellow collectors/bloggers who I've traded with and who comment on my posts. You have all made me feel right at home here. Even though we all live hundreds of miles apart, it's sort of like a family huh?


  1. Yes, a twisted, dysfuntional family. But family nonetheless, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

  2. We ARE like a family, but kind of like you're one of the Griswalds, and we're like Cousin Eddie's family.

  3. mmmrhubarb... could have not said that any better!

  4. You are quite welcome! And I do promise to get the long awaited trade completed with you soon, but finances are really tight right now. Hopefully brighter days are ahead for me.


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