Trade Night Success

I went to my first trade night at Mike's Stadium Sportscards. I wasn't really sure what to expect. After all this was my first time.
Stashed away in my bag I had a few game used, relics and some autographed cards. My game plan was to scope out what everyone else was trading and see how my cards compared.
Now before I continue on and show you the cards I got, here's what I went through to finally decide on which cards to take with me. You remember? The cards I stashed in my bag?
Before going last night, I spent some time......okay I spent three hours......sorting through my cards trying to decide which ones to take. I didn't want to take too many with me but I wanted to take the ones I thought would be good trades. Then I thought maybe I wasn't taking enough of them and wondered if what I thought were good trades, really weren't good trades.
So I picked a few cards out. Put a couple of them back. Then sorted through another box. Decided on a few more. Then wanted to keep a couple of those so picked from another box I had. Put a few of them back after thinking maybe I wanted to keep most of that box. Grabbed a couple more from a binder in my closet before remembering that was my "no trade" binder. Grabbed a handful from the shoebox under my bed before finally deciding on which ones I was taking and threw them in my bag. I made sure I was up to date on the prices and memorized ERA's and RBI's of some of the players on the cards that I was taking with me. I wanted the other collectors to know that I do know a little bit about the players and the sport of baseball. I didn't want to come across as only collecting the sparkly, pretty, shiney cards, or only collecting the players that have the biggest muscles and look really awesome in their uniforms not to mention looking really nice running around the bases. For the record.......I am not one of THOSE collectors.
Then I went to my closet and tried to decide which shoes looked better with my new jeans and if the bag that I threw the cards in would look okay with the shoes.
Well.....you probably get the picture.
So anyway, here's what I got! First off......this sweet Buster Posey RC!!

My Tulo autograph collection is growing! Thanks to Military Mike for this trade! I didn't get Mike's last name. I know he just recently moved here and said he is stationed at Buckley AFB so Mike if you are reading this send me an email so we can talk Posey and stuff! You can find my email address on my profile page!


  1. Awesome. I wish there was a trade night around here. Even if I have to match my shoes with my bag of cards.

  2. Match your shoes with your bag???? I'm lucky to have on two matching socks.


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