Visit to Mike's Stadium Sportscards

In my quest to try a connect with other collectors, I thought I would hunt down the hottest local card shop in the Denver area. From what I hear it's Mike's Stadium Sportscards in Aurora, Colorado. I set the address in my trusty Blackberry and off I went. Mike's is actually super easy to find. It's just off of South Parker Rd. and Quincey.
I didn't really know what to expect and I'll admit I was worried that I might not be taken seriously as a collector. What ever gave me that idea I'll never know. I was really happy to see Christian. (the guy I met a couple of weeks ago at a card show in Westminster). He was working and apparently has worked there on and off since high school. The store was EXACTLY like I thought it would be! Although a bit overwhelming, I was in cardboard heaven! I'm sure all you collector's know what I'm talking about! 
Since I wasn't really prepared financially to buy any boxes, I did however grab a couple of packs and penny sleeves before I left. Here's what I got.

Any information about these 2010 Topps Pro-Debut players is appreciated. I'm not up to date on them yet. These are all high numbered cards.

This last card was pulled from a pack of 2010 Upper Deck

So now I'm familiar with Mike's (I've yet to meet Mike himself) I will be buying cards there for sure! I've pulled some great cards from, of course my favorite place Target, but my eyes where opened to a whole other world! 
With Trade Nights, sports star autograph signings, coupons, and drawings, I won't need to go anywhere else! 

Who knew? And why didn't anyone tell me?


  1. Montero is supposed to be a can't miss prospect: both the highest rated and closest to the majors in the yankees' farm system. They almost traded him for Cliff Lee before the Rangers swooped in.

  2. I'm sorry. My local card shop (LCS) is an over-priced money pit so I didn't tell you that you might have a cool shop in your neighborhood. That was selfish of me. Just kidding, but I'm glad you found a good shop. That makes the hobby even more fun.

  3. Glad to hear that you finally made it to Mike's... It really does make the hobby that much more fun when you/we have a shop like his to visit.



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