What Do Mark McGwire and Topps Chrome Have in Common?

First I have a question. When new cards are released, how are the high/low prices actually determined? Does anyone know when the price guide for the 2010 Topps Chrome is available?
Looking on COMC today I did find these going prices for some of the cards I have pulled recently.

Mike Stanton RC $12.99

Austin Jackson RC $7.99

So what do Topps Chrome and Mark McGwire have in common?

Absolutely nothing! Just wanted to show off the recent additions to my McGwire collection! Mark McGwire seems to be my obsession at the moment. Give me about three months.......that's usually my TOTF. (typical obsessing time frame) What's your TOTF? 

Update.......this is what you call the fine print. The above prices were listed as such on the day they were searched for. Who is it that's in charge of the pricing collectible cardboard? And who is it that decided to appoint that person in charge?


  1. Mine can last anywhere from months, to weeks to days. I could be in full blown team set mode, but if I get a couple nice Piazzas in a trade, I'll switch gears and work on that for a bit.

  2. I don't know how COMC works for stuff that Beckett hasn't priced yet, but Beckett seems to have a pretty braindead system of pricing things based on past years and establishing tiers of "star" ratings, where certain players will be priced at one level while others while fall on the next level, and so on. If they decide (who knows how) that a common card is worth 30 cents in one set and 30 cents in a brand new set, chances are that almost all of the players will be priced the same as the set that already exists.

    How that is supposed to relate to the real world is way beyond me, however.

  3. LMAO..

    Topps Chrome + Big Mac = Mark McChromie


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