I Hate When This Happens......and Welcome to My Collection Del Ennis!

I hate when this happens! I've done everything possible to try and jump start my cardboard obsession. I'm finding it difficult. This is how bad it is. Today on eBay......I bought a pair of SHOES......yes I said SHOES. I'm hoping that Saturday, which is 'Trade Night' at Mike's Stadium Sportscards, will give me back that MOJO thing that other collectors seem to not be able to find at times either. Mike will be cracking a case of 2010 Bowman Chrome and for $30.00 I am in for sure!
I did shop around at Dave and Adams Card World and found a hobby box of 2010 Topps National Chicle for a decent price. I got a bunch of SP's and these two cards.

Oh yeah......I found this cool site called The Sports Card Block on Yardsellr on facebook, (no i didn't spell yardsellr wrong) and I bought this old card for like $5.00. I don't really do vintage but I just thought this card was cool looking. Being an 'eye' person (ophthalmology is my profession) I was sort of diggin' the glasses. Besides I needed a cardboard fix of some kind!!!


  1. Yo S,
    picked up some sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Todd relics will be up on the blog soon.... I need NC SP from that box you bought :)

  2. Nice Bumgarner Auto! That'd jumpstart my mojo haha...he rules!


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