More Pictures of My 2010 Bowman Chrome Hit

I posted the super refractor auto I pulled yesterday on Beckett.com and got a few comments. I don't have any idea how much my card could possible be worth. Some are saying to hang on to it, one guy told me Francisco Lindor is a  premier caliber prospect. I even had a couple of trade offers. But like one guy said, "it's not often that someone pulls a 1/1 super refractor auto" so with that in mind, I think I'll hang on to it for now. If anyone reading this has any advice or info on the value of a card like this, comments are very much appreciated! In the meantime here are a few couple more pictures and some others I pulled from the box.


  1. Hey got a Jeff Fracis rip card numbered to 99 you got anything to offer up for it?

  2. I would hold it.. Its a super rare pull, and regardless how well he does ( a long way to go) It will be fun to follow his progress.

  3. It looks good Shellie and so does the Morneau.

  4. When you get the package I sent in the mail and it looks like someone already opened it don't worry because they did. I had cards in a padded envelope for you all ready to take to the post office. Then I got the package you sent and realized I needed to find more cards for you.

    Thanks for the great package.

  5. I was just talking about super refractors with another blogger just the other day. I would hold onto it. I've never even seen one in real life. I wonder what the feeling is like pulling one of those. Nice work!

    I would really like to trade for that Vizcaino auto that you posted up.


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