Ebay Picks and I Bought Four Packs of Platinum.....It's Not January 3rd Yet

While at trade day this past Sunday, Mike happened upon one hobby box of 2010 Bowman Platinum. People bring in all kinds of stuff to Mike's. I still don't understand. If a product has a scheduled release date, how do these boxes get out early? Are there sneaky people at Topps, working the inside and stealing blasters and hobby boxes and then selling them early? Are they genuine products or reprints? Are companies permited to release certain cards early to work up the hype? Could someone please explain? I still bought four packs from Mike and here's the highlights. Plus I got the Topps online redemption card and have been online to claim my ??Mauricio Robles?? refractor auto. It is set for shipping 4/10/2011. 

Here's some cheap ebay picks I got recently.

I've been considering shifting my collecting onto NFL cards. Not giving up my loved baseball obsession, just adding to my stack of trade bait. Trade night's, or trade day as the case was this month at Mike's, are always a great time. But dominated by football card collectors. I know one thing, I don't follow football enough to even know any players that are sought after. Except for "Tim Tebow" I live in Denver for pete sake and he's all anyone ever talks about!! He is a super hottie (a little young) that's for sure! Any suggestions on NLF players that are decent right now? And another question......does anyone who might be reading this know of any cards for Rookie Tim Toone of the Detroit Lions? He's a WR from Weber State and also my daughters very good friend. They both just recently graduated from Weber State and I would love to get a few of his cards. So far I've only found one on eBay. Thanks! And I just love all you guys who come visit my blog!!!

Here's a great picture of my fabulous daughter when she played VB for Weber State! Full ride scholarships RULE too!

That's her "GAME FACE"  by the way


  1. Is it possible for you to open a couple packs and not get an auto or 1/1? haha Happy New Year!

  2. Whoa...that's quite a game face! You must be proud! I've got two boys and I need a couple of those full ride scholarships. I don't do to much football, but if you decide on someone to collect, I'll see if I have any to send you.

  3. Hi Shellie, I don't know how products get out before it's release date, but it could be some early stuff to stir the pot and get people chomping at the bit for it.
    As for football cards, I too have been thinking about starting up on collecting them again, but since I barely have enough room for my baseball cards, I may just stick to buying a few packs here and there.
    Now as for current football players to collect, you can look into Sam Bradford (QB) for the Rams, Eric Berry (S)of the Kansas City Chiefs, Joe Haden (CB) of the Cleveland Browns and Joe Webb (QB) of the Minnesota Vikings. Hope that helps you out. By the way, I love the look on your daughters face, it's so intense, great pic.



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