Revisit The Best TV Commercials of The Colorado Rockies

Here's some "Just for shits and giggles stuff" because I have nothing else until the 2010 Bowman Platinum hobby boxes arrive at Mike's Stadium Sportscards.

The Best of The Colorado Rockies TV commercials

What the Heck is a Twitter?

Translation Please
(Check out Ryan Spilborgh's face.....priceless!)

Dinger Turns 16
 Junior Loves His Steak!
 The "Toddfather"
Spilly's Seed Lesson

 The Wedding Mound Visit


  1. Your next post should be the bloopers from these commercials ...But my favorite is the Tulo giving Dinger the keys, and behind that, Spilly teaching how to eat seeds

  2. Those were awesome! Thanks for posting them, the first two were my favorites.


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