A Quick Dose Of "Lesson Learned"

I've believe I mentioned in an earlier post, that trying to explain my obsession with collecting baseball cards to a "non-collector" is often difficult. If the topic comes up in a conversation, almost every time the "non-collector" tries to convince me they have a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card. Usually they don't know, if this rare piece of cardboard they have had since they were a child, is made by Topps or even what year the card is. I usually act somewhat impressed and then change the subject.
I've never traded cards, always just like collecting them. My cards, for the most part, are alphabetized from Roberto and Sandy Alomar, to Robin Yount. Most of my collection range from the year 1980 to the present. With an exception of a few from the later 1970's. 
I've learned that even though "the book" says a card is worth $100.00, that's not necessarily what you will get for it. 
By reading Beckett and Tuff Stuff, I've taught myself what to look for on cards, how to find the date on a card, what an insert is and that in the late 80's and into the 90's there seemed to be mass production on every card made. 
I'm no expert but when I told the guy at the Sports Memorabilia Store in the mall I had a 
2001 Upper Deck Albert Pujols RC

three 1987 Topps Barry Bonds RC's

 1983 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr

 1994 Sporflics Ryne Sandberg Movers and Shakers

 and a 1998 Donruss Preferred Randy Johnson Title Waves

 he just looked at me and changed the subject.
Lesson learned!

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Looking For Information About This Baseball Card.

I believe I got this mini card in a pack of 2009 Tristar? I'm not positive, since I tore open the pack and didn't even realized I had thrown the wrapper away. I'm sure it was minor league players too.

Mad Dog Maddux

I dated a guy who went to high school with Greg Maddux. Really! I always fantasized I would meet him and have him sign all my cards! Never happened. Here's my collection....... minus the autographs.

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Piazza: Dodgers, Marlins, Mets

Here's a look at my Mike Piazza collection.


2010 Topps Series 1

Where'd You Go, Bazooka Joe?

A box of 2010 Topps Opening Day for $9.99 at Target....(of course).... and here are some of those little gems. I've said it before....but can I say it again? I love buying baseball cards at Target!

I really like the effects of the red batting helmet that Matsui is wearing. Being a the woman that I am....I notice that kind of stuff.

And who doesn't love a little Lincecum? It's not gold, but blue is a good color

I'm not sure about this card, as I'm still slowly teaching myself and learning what to look for. So if anyone can help me out..... it doesn't seem to have a number and I can't locate it on Beckett, but it's pretty :)

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