Jimenez....Rockin and Rollin

Can they just give the NL Cy Young award to Ubaldo Jimenez now?

Ubaldo was born in Nagua, Dominican Republic on January 22nd, 1984. He was signed by the Rockies in 2001 at the age of 17 and played in the Dominican Summer League.

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Tucked Away with The Pogs

Is it the law of the universe that when a child moves out on their own, the parent ends up with boxes of their childhood collectibles?
Is it also the law of the universe that when the parent moves, the child ends up with some of their collectibles?
Let me explain. My son moved out on his own.....I ended up with a model car collection and a few Pogs, milk caps and slammers. Anyone familiar with Pogs?

My parents moved to another state when my dad retired and my mom accepted a new job position. I ended up with boxes of vinyl records from the good old days! Cream, Kenny Rogers and The Fifth Addition, Waylon and Willie, Soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever, Carol King and Elton John. Just to name a few.
So what does this have to do with baseball cards? 
Nothing.......but I found these three forgotten cards tucked away with the Pogs.

"G" Is For Guerrero


"G" Is For Griffey Jr.


Stretch Armstrong Plays Baseball

I always like looking for unusual and different cards. Here's a collection of some I've kept over the years.


It's Time For Random Closet Cardboard

The past few days I've decided to try and come up with a way to organize my thousands of baseball cards and hopefully make it easier to find certain cards when I want to. Well, it's not that easy! Most are in shoe boxes except my more valuable ones which I have in single sleeves or binders. Every time I start to thumb through each box, my mind starts thinking of other cards I've seen in another box and I can become distracted easily.
I might have mentioned before, it does name a name....Adult Attention Deficit Disorder! At least that's what one doctor told me! It explains a lot, but a diagnosis as an adult doesn't do me any good now!
These are some of the cards I've rediscovered recently. Take a look while I go chase that chicken!

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