Bought a Box of 2010 Topps 206 Today

I was in Target today and spotted boxes of 2010 Topps 206. I've been in a funk lately so I thought if I bought a box for $19.99, it might help the funk go away. The box has 8 packs of 6 cards, that breaks down to 4 base cards, a gold card, and a mini in each pack. One Auto Relic too. I was sort of disappointed that some of the minis are off center. You'll see in the pictures below. Also I noticed all players didn't have hats on and if they did wear a hat, the card that pictured them with a hat does not have a number. Take a look.

Pack #1

Pack #2

Lyle Lovette look alike!

Pack #3

Pack #4

Pack #5

Pack #6

Pack #7

Pack #8

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