Humidor 101: (For Freaks Only)

No matter what happened to the Giants at Coor's Field, it's not the humidor's fault. Friday night, Tim Lincecum, in the middle of a sixth inning where the Rockies scored their only run, was caught by Giants television tossing a ball back to home-plate umpire Laz Diaz, and mouthing the words "juiced balls," with a couple of expletives added in. 

What did the Giants think, or speculate? Well, for the last few years, the Rockies have used a humidor to store baseballs, which keeps them from drying out and takes away some of the Coors Field effect that caused so many crazy games in the park's first few years. The speculation was that the Rockies might have mixed in some non-humidor balls, to use when their batters were at the plate.

This week, after the issue was raised twice in the San Francisco Chronicle , including a Scott Ostler column that flat-out said that "The Giants are about to get cheated in Denver," the Giants talked to MLB about it. Just before Friday's game began, MLB official Mike Port spoke with umpire John Hirschbeck, and asked him to keep a close eye on the balls.

Saturday, Hirschbeck planned to walk to the humidor and oversee the process of bringing the balls to the field. But even on Friday, when Hirschbeck was umpiring at second base, he kept an eye on the ball bag during the game.

"There's nothing going on," Hirschbeck said. "I'll watch so MLB has their mind at ease, so the people at MLB headquarters can sleep easy."

Lincecum, allowed the Rockies just two hits (and no home runs) in a 2-1 Giants win Friday Night. On Saturday, Lincecum and the Giants seemed to understand that raising the humidor issue didn't really suit them in the middle of a pennant race. I went to the game Saturday against the Giants and arrived early in hopes I could get some pictures at batting practice. Usually the players and pitchers who aren't scheduled to start end up shagging the balls during the batting warm ups. Lincecum was one of them in the outfield and when they were done he ran into the dugout while the media people and fans called out his name and asking him to comment on his speculations. He just smiled and put his head down and didn't make eye contact with anyone. 
One side note, Lincecum said he ran into Tulo in the weight room before Saturdays game. He said that Troy told him 'Good game', and that they couldn't even get them with their juiced balls.

Colorado going to the playoffs? Doubtful. They are four games back, even after the win Saturday night against the Giants. The wild card? Who knows. But one thing about the Rockies, they played Saturdays game as if they WERE in a playoff position. When Tulo hit the walk off double in the 10th inning, they celebrated like they had won the World Series! 



Baseball Surfboards and Erkel

I've always said that the best part of collecting cardboard, for me, is looking for funny and unusual cards. 

These first two cards speak for themselves.

There's nothing like a baseball player and his surfboard.

Well......you can see what's going on here in these next three cards.

What it a requirement to play with the Royals?

I hope these two didn't actually try this!

I know it's just a warm up thing....right?

Back up off it and set your cup down fellas!

Thanks Snoop for the reference!
(Gin and Juice)

"Okay dude, go like this......now stick your tongue out farther.....farther......farther"

(Swisher convincing Damon that chicks dig that kind of shit)

I always wondered what ever happened to Frank Thomas! Apparently he's a big movie star in Japan!

So whoever can get the most milk out of this cow, doesn't have to wash Giambi's gold thong!





Got Wood?

 A now pitching for the Phillies.......Erkel!

Sorry Chuck.....just sayin

And last but not least 'AGAIN' my all time favorite funny baseball card..........drum roll PALEEEESE.......



I've been thinking about trying to connect with local cardboard freaks like myself. Since I've moved to Denver, I haven't sniffed out the closest card shops. In fact I've never even been inside a card shop before. So I searched online and found out Denver Autographs was putting on a card show in Westminster which is not too far from downtown Denver. Since the Rockies game wasn't televised today......THEY ROLLED ALL OVER THE DODGERS by the way......I decided to check it out. I wandered around and asked a lot of questions. Most people were really nice and helpful. One guy in particular named Christian, had tons of cards and information about a local shop called Mike's Stadium Sportscards. He told me about nights collectors meet to trade cards and they even have group breaks sometimes. We exchanged emails and I'm looking forward to maybe meeting some people. Here's what I picked up today.

2007 Bowman's Best Troy Tulowitzki Auto RC

2005 Zenith Ubaldo Jimenez RC

2005 Throwback Threads Ubaldo Jimenez RC

Rockies are on fire!


Vin Scully Doesn't Understand

Troy Tulowitzki was the force that helped the Rockies rebound from a 20-32 start to the 2009 season to make a postseason appearance for the third time in franchise history. And he’s stirring things up again in 2010. 

He has hit 11 home runs in September, one shy of the franchise single-month record, with 13 games still to play, and he put an exclamation point on his season with the second seven-RBI game of his career, and his third multi-home run effort in eight games. 
Not only is Tulo the best shortstop Colorado has ever had, he cares about kids and is deeply involved with the Children's Hospital and Wins for Kids in Denver. He decided to grow a major league mullet for the kids benefit. As long as people continue to donate he will continue to grow it! 
Rockies fans say Tulo's range is as long as his mullet.

Click here and listen to Vin Scully trying to understand Troy Tulowitzki's mullet.

No More 206 in the 303

I was in need of a cardboard fix. I bought another blaster of 2010 Topps 206 and I'll will say......I will not buy Topps 206 in Denver again. I will admit I know nothing about how baseball cards are wrapped or packaged or even how they are made for that matter. I just know they show up on the shelves at Target for people like me to buy and nerd out on! But where's the quality control? SERIOUSLY!

Could have done better Topps!
I should have learned from the first blaster box I bought a few days ago!


Fowler Auto and A Chip off Chippers Bat

I got mail today! I love trading.......and like Joe from the Sandlot says......"You  get everything you want".
One of my packages today was from Joe. Along with a ton more for my Rockies collection, he sent these.

A Chipper Jones card was the reason I started collecting. I did a post on my first really "cool" baseball card" and you can read it here.
Thanks Joe!! 
I'll always be your Rockies Girl!

The second package I received  was from Jason aka The Brooklyn Met. He  threw out his line with a Dexter Fowler Auto on the hook and I bit! I really wished I had an auto or game used to swap with him, I just didn't have one he needed. When I opened the package from him, it included a note saying that he knew I would enjoy the Fowler auto more. How fabulous is he? Thanks Jason! You are the BOMB!

Jason also sent a group of Rockies for my collection as well as this Francis refractor


and one of my favorites of Helton

You know.......Joe is right! You really do get everything you want!


Boys and Their Bats

Probably one of my favorite things about collecting cardboard is looking for unique and unusual cards. I sent cards of players bunting to Long Fly Ball to Because........ and now I can't stop looking for them! Here's a few I've found.

I love the one above! Roberto with the fishes!

Some players just have to have the biggest bat. I say Tony is the winner.

Here's cards with broken bats. I think these are the best pictures and one of the luckiest shots in baseball.

These next cards are not about players and their bats. These are pitchers and their balls. It seems some of them really want you to look at their balls even if you don't too.

Some pitchers show their balls but don't really care if you're looking at them or not. Like these below.

Then there are players are just happy to show anyone their balls.

Looking for cards with players holding more then one bat was inspired by the blog 'It's like having my own Card Shop'.

These last cards are just plain funny! I think I'll start a "WTF'"collection! I have an idea!!! If any of you reading this find a card that makes you think......"WTF"......send it to me!!

Ladka? I just realized I've done a post on Sammy Stewart before!  LOOK!
And by the way........Tulo just hit a three run BOMB and it's a one run ball game kids!!

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