Ebay Picks and I Bought Four Packs of Platinum.....It's Not January 3rd Yet

While at trade day this past Sunday, Mike happened upon one hobby box of 2010 Bowman Platinum. People bring in all kinds of stuff to Mike's. I still don't understand. If a product has a scheduled release date, how do these boxes get out early? Are there sneaky people at Topps, working the inside and stealing blasters and hobby boxes and then selling them early? Are they genuine products or reprints? Are companies permited to release certain cards early to work up the hype? Could someone please explain? I still bought four packs from Mike and here's the highlights. Plus I got the Topps online redemption card and have been online to claim my ??Mauricio Robles?? refractor auto. It is set for shipping 4/10/2011. 

Here's some cheap ebay picks I got recently.

I've been considering shifting my collecting onto NFL cards. Not giving up my loved baseball obsession, just adding to my stack of trade bait. Trade night's, or trade day as the case was this month at Mike's, are always a great time. But dominated by football card collectors. I know one thing, I don't follow football enough to even know any players that are sought after. Except for "Tim Tebow" I live in Denver for pete sake and he's all anyone ever talks about!! He is a super hottie (a little young) that's for sure! Any suggestions on NLF players that are decent right now? And another question......does anyone who might be reading this know of any cards for Rookie Tim Toone of the Detroit Lions? He's a WR from Weber State and also my daughters very good friend. They both just recently graduated from Weber State and I would love to get a few of his cards. So far I've only found one on eBay. Thanks! And I just love all you guys who come visit my blog!!!

Here's a great picture of my fabulous daughter when she played VB for Weber State! Full ride scholarships RULE too!

That's her "GAME FACE"  by the way


No Auto? But The Box Says......

Christmas came so fast. Why does it seem like it's taking forever for the 2010 Bowman Platinum hobby boxes to arrive? I know, I know, Mike has told me at least once....okay maybe twice a week for the past month (because that's how often I have asked him) that Topps pushed back the release date and they should be in his shop on January 3, 2011. 
While trying to maintain some sort of self control and not falling completely off the wagon or checking myself into a twelve step program, I bought a box of 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.
Now I continue to be totally confused about this series. What's the difference between these cards and the other 2010 Bowman Prospects and Draft Picks? I know one thing these boys are all so young! Anyone seen the USA Baseball Timmy Lopes cards? He has pimples and braces! Cute little guy huh?

Anyway, back to the reason of this post. I'll be the first to admit, that it takes me a significant amount of time to open all 24 packs of cards in a typical hobby box. I like to sit down on the couch at Mike's and leisurely open every pack. In fact my friend Christian has even commented on how long it takes me and doesn't offer up his ripping skills to "help me out" anymore. He didn't even hang around me for this one. But he knows if I hit something good, he and everyone else in the store at that time will hear about it. I'm sure they were all caught off guard when there was nothing but silence at my end of the shop......nothing, zilch, nada, zero! The only half decent card I pulled from the entire box was a Stanton RC refractor and he was the only player I recognized too. I usually don't let things like this bother me but not this time. By God I was going to tell Topps about it! Someone there would hear my frustration!
When I got home I sat down, flattened out the box and circled the area with a big black sharpy where it says:

"One Bowman Chrome Autographed Card in Every Box! No Purchase Necessary." 

I copied the reciept and wrote my letter!

Dear Topps,
I purchased this hobby box on Dec. 19, 2010 from Mike's Stadium Sportscards in Denver Colorado. I just wanted you know that there was no autographed card inside like it says on the box. I've enclosed a copy of the receipt and the original box with the UPC code on it. 
Thank You,

"I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW?" WTF was that all about? I was so hell bent on chewing someone out at Topps for ripping off my rip that I actually only politely informed them of this mistake and couldn't even bring myself to ask if it would be possible to have one sent to me. 
I worked myself all up and chickened out. After all I really didn't want to piss off the Gods at Topps, I like Topps. But I also sort of wanted an autographed card too. 
Then I found this.

So we will see if the Gods at Topps send "that polite lady from Colorado" the autographed card that they mistakenly forgot to put in the hobby box she bought.


Strike a Posey

Madonna.......Strike a Pose.......

Me.......Strike a Posey



Troy Sixtythreewitzki............?

Troy Tulowitzki is by far one of the best shortstops in the MLB. It is also known that his favorite player has always been Derek Jeter and Jeter has always worn the #2 on his uniform. But with a name like Troy TULO-witzki, the #2 was just meant to be worn by "Mr. Face-of-Colorado-Sports". So I find it odd that in this Topps Co-signers auto of mine he wears number 63. 

 If his name were Troy Sixtythreewitzki.......that player's "chant" wouldn't work at all. Just saying....................................................... 


I love that at the first of this commercial, there's a picture of Troy hanging on the wall over the night stand. TULO! 
Is It April yet?

Another 1/1 Hit at Mike's Stadium Sportscards

So while hanging out at Mike's yesterday, I found it really hard not to just start ripping open every hobby box in sight! But I am saving my strength for the 2010 Bowman Platinum. I really don't know how Mike and Christian can control themselves. I just love it there! Cardboard and candy everywhere! Oh yeah, the people are pretty cool too. Anyway.....Russ a guy who I met trade night there and a familiar face at Mike's came in and bought a box of the high end 2010 Topps Triple Threads and hit a 1/1 Matt Garza White Whale Autographed Relic! Here's a picture of Russ with that sweeeeeet card! By the way.....Russ is well known for collecting Rockies and Asian players. I'm sure if anyone out there has a 1/1 looking to trade for another 1/1 he just might consider. You never know!

He also pulled a nice Carlton Fisk 1/25 too! Everyone should buy there sports cards from Mike. I pulled my 1/1 super refractor from a box I bought at Mike's and the trade nights are always a great time. Besides.......he has CANDY! 
So what are you waiting for? Check out his facebook page and become a friend. You won't be disappointed!


Beckett Select Auctions Lands 1927 Yankees Legendary Lineup Card

Beckett Select Auctions, the consignment auction service division of Beckett Media, has sold a few notable cards through the years for collectors who wanted a bit more security with their high-dollar transactions. This latest auction, which started last night, just might be one of the bigger items that Select has ever offered.
This is not just a card, but an autograph book! 
Opening bid will be $20,000. Any takers?

OOOPS I Forgot Show and Tell!

I posted some great commercials from the Rockies and forgot to post this one!

Show and Tell

This one is for you CPD!


Revisit The Best TV Commercials of The Colorado Rockies

Here's some "Just for shits and giggles stuff" because I have nothing else until the 2010 Bowman Platinum hobby boxes arrive at Mike's Stadium Sportscards.

The Best of The Colorado Rockies TV commercials

What the Heck is a Twitter?

Translation Please
(Check out Ryan Spilborgh's face.....priceless!)

Dinger Turns 16
 Junior Loves His Steak!
 The "Toddfather"
Spilly's Seed Lesson

 The Wedding Mound Visit


Topps Wrapper Redemption Refractors and Unique Legends

I received three more packs of cards from the 2010 Topps Wrapper Redemption Program. All the cards sent by Topps have been refractors and are different then the players base cards in the 2010 set. Here are the highlights. Does anyone see the difference between the legend cards at the bottom?


FCB Trade for More Tulo Auto's

 I joined the sports card trading forum Freedom Cardboard recently and have been chatting a guy who lives in Colorado Springs which is not far from Denver. He had some cards I wanted and I had some he was looking for. So we worked out a trade and hooked up today.



Thanks Derrek!! Not just for the Tulo auto's but also for you and your wife's service to our country in the United States Air Force! 
May she return home to you safely from Asscrackistan!
Check it out!!
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