The Funk is Gone! The Middle Child is Back!

I would like to make an announcement please! The 'FUNK' had been officially eradicated from "the middle child". I found my MoJo too!
Spring Training is well underway in Scottsdale and the Rockies are loving the new facility. Salt River Stadium at Talking Stick is impressive to say the least. 

During the exhibition game yesterday with the D-Backs, viewers of FSN TV were treated to tours of the facility during the game.
The Rockies have a great chance of making the playoffs this year if they can only keep things like this from happening.

I'm reading online today that Ian Stewart and Carlos Gonzalez where both injured in this collision yesterday. They will be out for 5-6 days with sprains and bruises.

Jim Tracy is healthy and hopes to stay that way after his cardiac scare in Florida a couple of months ago.

Sports fans in Denver are soooo over the Nuggets and the "MELO" drama. La-La can now have her television reality show on VH1 and Carmello can eat up all the attention he has gotten over the trade. Sorry Chancey! Denver loves you and your family and we all know you really didn't want to go, but I think a trade was inevitable. Like 14 million dollars next year inevitable? I don't know......I could be wrong about the numbers.
Then there's the ahem......Broncos. I say let that cootie pa-tootie Tim Tebow play! I hear he's pretty good.

We won't go into too much detail about how the Avalanche traded their keeper-of-the-goal, Anderson for another masked player, who shall remain nameless, and in his first game gives up 5 goals to the Oilers. Enough said.

I say BRING ON THE REAL FACES OF DENVER SPORTS! BRING ON THE BOYS OF SUMMER! I'm so excited about this season I might just pee my pants.

I've gotten a few new cards and some trade bait while in that FUNK state of mind I was in. But stay tuned.....I'm still having computer issues and I think I'm about to crash!!! I will post the bait pictures soon!

I missed you all!!


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