I Mean It This Time.......Really

Okay so my last post......ahem.....a few weeks ago, probably convinced most of you that my funk was gone and my MOJO was back. Well....that is true. But with a better computer and baseball season in full swing....pun intended....I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!! Besides I have a ton of things to say about the Rockies this year and a few new cards to show off too and maybe a little trade bait to throw out there.

First of all let me tell you all a little bit of what I've been up to.
Went to the Rockies/Giants game, Rockies lost but saw Buster from behind

Of course that's Tulo

and "fear the beard" Brian Wilson. I know these pictures aren't the best because I forgot my camera and the Blackberry doesn't have zoom. (I wonder if there's an app for that?)

For the record, the beard is becoming quite disgusting if you ask me.

I  adopted a cat named Lilly

was able to catch a rare picture of Bin Ladin's last dogfight with the US Military 

spent $100.00 on a pair of jeans.......YIKES! But my ass looks fabulous!

saw somebody's ass at the Sunset Grille

and have been planning for my daughter's wedding in July. Yep that's the rock she got!

Now for some cardboard

I picked up a bunch of football cards and will trade if anyone is interested

Tim Toone because he's a friend of my daughters

a couple of popular rookies

I bought a pack at the dollar store last week and pulled a Rockies auto! And it was actually just $1.00!

picked up some Bowman Sterling at Mike's

David Wright.....AKA LongFlyBall sent me another Tulo auto and a grip of McGwire's for my collections! THANKS David!

another Posey for my growing collection

Well I think that's enough for now. Anyone interested in a trade just let me know.
Stay tuned for more pictures from Coors Field. I'll be going to the Rockies/Cardinals game on the 28th. I hope to see McGwire again and get pictures of King Albert and of course former Rockie Hottie Holliday.

Come on guys let's see some comments! I miss you all!.


  1. Nice...uh.. cards! My sons may be interested if there are any Browns in all those football cards.I'd be interested in any Cleveland Indian cards.
    Our youngest son is getting married in June !

  2. Information overload! *starts foaming at the mouth; faints*

    Haha, seriously though, welcome back! I think we started working on a trade way back in the day, so I'd be happy to see that through the rest of the way.

    Also, congrats on the youngling's impending marriage and finding jeans that make you butt look good and everything. :P

  3. I can see what you've been up to! I won't comment on all the picks (gotta stay outta trouble), but it looks like you made some good additions to your collection (so did your daughter!). Nice to see you back in action.

  4. Well, that was entertaining!

    Congrats to your daughter, and I agree on Wilson's beard. It/he has got to go!

  5. Welcome Back Shellie! Hope to read more fun blog entries here on your site in the very near future. I am not sure what I can come up with for them, but would you mind holding onto the Steelers cards you showed and any other Steelers cards for me. And like always, any Indians cards would be great too! And a big congratulations to your daughter!


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