Okay.......it's been like forever huh? Some changes have taken place in my life. I haven't been here much lately. I miss all my blogging buddy's. The Rockies are trading my team  away. Chris Ianetta.....gone. Huston Street.......gone. Ian Stewart........gone. Ty Wiggington.......gone. Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales.......still in Denver. (That's because of their multi-million dollar contracts)  How are they suppose to win championships? They should have traded Rockies fans to New York. That way we could see how a real baseball team operates! OOPS! Did I just say that?
So I've become quite the Tim Tebow fan instead! How could I not? He's all anyone here in Denver talks about! He's all anyone anywhere is talking about, for that matter. I find myself yelling at the TV during the last few minutes of Bronco games lately! All of the Tim Tebow haters out there.........."STOP! YOU'RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES"
Call it what you like.
"Miracle at Mile High"
"Divine Intervention"
Who gives a shit!!!! Tim Tebow's so cute I just want to squeeze him! Besides that, he believes and the Bronco's are "WINNING"


  1. Hey Shellie! Nice to see you're still out there. Don't be a stranger...even if you have to right about football!

  2. welcome back from the bottom child... and I don't care what PATP says, don't cave in to football. Write about ponies, or American Pie, anything but football!!


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