Just a quick note to all my blogging peeps and friends I have made here. I MISS ALL OF YOU! I have spent the last month moving and getting settled. I still need a new computer and I am working on that now! While I have been gone, I have turned to the "football" side of collecting sports cards.......but only a tiny little bit!!! I'm dying for baseball season to start! Is it April yet? I have also dabbled in a little basketball.....but just going to a game or two. Yep had 5th row court side tickets last weekend when the Lakers came to Denver and beat the Nuggets! Saw my favorite Colorado Rockies players there TULO and GIAMBI! I had a hard time getting close enough to them as they were center court, to take a stalker type picture, but as you can see from this Getty Image that was posted on The Purple Row (the best blog dedicated to reporting on the Rockies)....TULO was wearing a non-obvious turquoise beanie.

 So here's my photo I snapped of TULO as I was outside after the game. As you can see there's the non-obvious turquoise beanie so that proves this really was The New Face of Denver Sports Troy Tulowitzki. My brush with greatness!

Now I know what you're all thinking......it's sort of like those infamous "Sasquach" pictures. No one has ever really gotten a good picture....but we all know it's him!!

But look who was sitting right in front of me! Dexter Fowler! Now I did feel a bit like a stalker taking these pictures! This was super cute as Al Harrington's little girl was coloring in the seat by Dexter and Dexter was rubbing her ear....ahh!

oh yeah here's a basketball shot too.

Talk to you all soon I hope!!


Who's That With The Sad Face?

There's nothing like computer issues to ruin all my fun! AAAHHHH!
This is my sad situation for the time being.......
Stupid computers......

Hopefully it won't be for long.............

Maybe this will help for the time being.

I hope to be back here soon!
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